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Your Dream Vacation is Here

Enjoy Some You-Time

Are you a leader, executive, traveler, tourist or scholar looking for a quiet space to reboot and unwind? Joyous Guest Home is open for viewing and ready to host you. 

The Perfect City

Osogbo in Osun State Nigeria is known for its amazing quiet life, tourist attraction, community and accommodating feel. From the Osun Ancestral groove, Nike Arts Gallery, to the exciting Pal shopping mall, the city’s sights provide a mix of fanfare and relaxation. 

Rich Food & Cuisine

From the most natural gardens and the best of Yoruba land, the cuisine in Osun State comes in various delicious packages. You will be helped with your catering needs. 

Joyous Guest Home

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Christian Leadership Residency

We offer a strategic leadership and christian training residency. The Joyous Innovation Theological and Leadership Training Institute provides you a retreat experience for learning and growth. We provide individual and structured group residencies. To find out more and receive a quote for this, email us at