In 2012, Oriyomi retired as the General Director of Scripture Union Nigeria. His 20 year service at Scripture Union saw major transformation for the multinational Non-Profit. From introducing improved workplace cultures, to introducing a more technology-driven approach. He consistently grew the thousands of employees and volunteer staff into a strong and formidable structure. His experience as an international leader positions him as an expert on strategic mobilization, management, missions and growth engineering. He continues to serve on various international platforms including SVM2, Business as Missions (BAM), NEMA, and several other international Christian and nonreligious organizations.
He speaks and trains on leadership and business as mission strategies. This leadership culture is designed to help Christian and Non-Christian leaders adopt spiritual principles for effective leadership.


A lot of organizations struggle to keep a strategic hold on their vision. Most importantly, leaders begin to lose focus when goals are not driven by values consistent with their values. Leadership skills Oriyomi teaches include:

  • Servant leadership as a team building strategy.
  • Multicultural & cross-cultural leadership for scale.
  • Leadership succession and long-term strategic planning.
  • The 5-year strategic plan.

Business as Missions


Digital Transformation


Strategic Planning


Growth & Change MGT.